There You Go Again Productions is thrilled to bring you another iteration of the
Barefoot in Black poetry event.

Please join us in exploring this year's theme :  
The Queen's Mad Room

"There was a room in the palace where the Queens went, when they were angry or upset."
-- from an adaptation of The Ramayana

Saturday May 25th and Sunday May 26th, 2019

Tickets for The Queen's Mad Room

A portion of this year's proceeds will go towards
The Art of Yoga Project

About the Production Company:
There You Go Again Productions is a small theatrical production company in the San Francisco Bay Area that loves exploring soul-full topics through interactive performance, poetry, music, movement and visual art. 

About the Piece:
Our latest work, “The Queen’s Mad Room,” is a piece that explores what drives women to their grief, anger and madness, and what is within it that is meant to be reclaimed and transformed. The piece is anchored in poetry, spanning the ages, and is framed by ceremonial soundscapes and creative movement. The piece also explores the edges between community gathering and performance—it begins and ends with a relaxed social scene, allowing cast and guests alike to connect with one another through conversation and light refreshments.

About the Setting:
The Barefoot in Black performance series takes place in an intimate, private setting on a property in Atherton, California.  The natural beauty of the surroundings contrasting with the artistically decadent, lounge-like interior space allows guests a rare opportunity to relax, connect, and absorb the creative richness of the evening. 

Put on some black, slip off your shoes, and join in the journey.