It's almost time for the Queen's Mad Room to begin!

Looking ahead to this weekend, here's some important information for our guests.  Please read this information carefully.

Note:  Ticket sales are still live so it's not too late to buy tickets for you and a friend!

Tickets for The Queen's Mad Room

1.  Arrive no later than 7! -- Doors open at 6:30, and there will be no admittance after 7:15 due to the nature of the performance.  -- Please Plan Accordingly --

2.  Wear Black -- everyone is asked to wear black, in any style that suits you.  Wear a layer or two as a portion of the evening happens outside.

3.  Wear Comfy Shoes -- There's some amount of walking outdoors, so wear shoes that are comfortable and sturdy -- heels are not recommended.  They should also be easy to remove.

4.  Carpooling or Car Service encouraged -- parking will be unavailable on the property, so attendees will be asked to park on the street.  For those arriving by car service, or wishing to drop off some occupants closer to the venue, you will be able to drive down the driveway and drop off passengers before turning around and exiting to park.

5.  Light Refreshments Served -- We will be offering beverages and light refreshments throughout the evening, but will not be serving a meal's worth of food.  We encourage you to have an early dinner, or plan on going out for food afterwards, if you like eating late.  Do Not rely on us as your dinner plan.  Do rely on us to provide you some great entertainment, though.  :)

Can't wait to see you in the Queen's Mad Room.